domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010)

Goodbye master Dio.

You were trully headbanger and metalhead till the end.

You'll be in our hearts forever.

You will be missed.


This is one of the most sad days for the world of music.

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Holy Diver

Heaven and Hell - Neon Knights Live

Tributes Headlines:

"It is with huge sadness we hear that Ronnie has lost his battle against stomach cancer, and our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Wendy and family at this terrible time. From his earlier years in Elf, Black Sabbath and Dio, right through to his most recent days fronting Heaven and Hell, Ronnie, time and again, proved his genius as a frontman, always giving his all to his fans and his music. Ronnie was not only an incredibly gifted singer but also a wonderfully warm, intelligent and generous person and this shone through both on and off stage leaving a positive mark on everyone he came into contact with. A longstanding friend of Maiden, we played many shows together over the years and we will all miss him greatly.

The world has lost an irreplaceable talent and, first and foremost, one of the finest human beings you could ever wish to meet.

Steve, Bruce, Adrian, Dave, Janick, Nicko and Rod"

DREAM THEATER Drummer On DIO's Passing:
"This Is One Of The Saddest Days In Metal Ever" - May 16, 2010


WARMACHINE Frontman On RONNIE JAMES DIO: The World Has Lost A True Legend And Pioneer' - May 17, 2010

EXODUS Guitarist: RONNIE JAMES DIO's Impact On Me Won't Ever Be Forgotten - May 17, 2010

QUEENSRŸCHE: RONNIE JAMES DIO 'Was Undoubtedly One Of Heavy Metal's Greatest Performers' - May 17, 2010

MÖTLEY CRÜE Bassist: DIO 'Was One Of The Kindest Souls I Have Ever Met' - May 16, 2010

BRIAN TICHY: DIO's 'Amazing Talent, Charisma And Power Combined Were Nothing Short Of Magic!' - May 16, 2010

DANKO JONES: RONNIE JAMES DIO 'Was The Greatest Rock Singer Of All Time' - May 16, 2010

EDEN'S CURSE Frontman: DIO Had Heart, Soul And An Aggressive Energy That No Singer Could Touch - May 16, 2010

LIZZY BORDEN Bassist: RONNIE JAMES DIO's Music 'Will Live On Forever' - May 16, 2010

SMASHING PUMPKINS' BILLY CORGAN: DIO Was 'One Of The Best Rock Singers There Will Ever Be' - May 16, 2010

WOLF: 'We Have Lost The Greatest, Most Powerful And Biggest Voice In Hard Rock And Metal' - May 16, 2010

INTO ETERNITY Frontman: DIO 'Influenced Thousands And Thousands Of Musicians' - May 16, 2010

MACHINE HEAD Frontman Remembers RONNIE JAMES DIO: 'He was a true gentleman' - May 16, 2010

MEGADETH Bassist ELLEFSON: DIO Was Truly One Of The 'Good Guys' In This Business - May 16, 2010

METALLICA Drummer's Letter To RONNIE JAMES DIO: 'Ronnie, your voice impacted and empowered me, your music inspired and influenced me, and your kindness touched and moved me. Thank you.' - May 16, 2010

RITCHIE BLACKMORE: RONNIE JAMES DIO 'Had A Unique And Wonderful Voice' - May 16, 2010

KISS: 'We Mourn The Tragic Passing Of The Great RONNIE JAMES DIO' -May 16, 2010

Ex-DIO Guitarist ROWAN ROBERTSON Comments On RONNIE JAMES DIO's Passing: 'I am privileged to have been a part of Ronnie James Dio's life and music. His closest ones are in my thoughts.'- May 16, 2010

DANNY VAUGHN: RONNIE JAMES DIO Was 'One Of The Best-Loved People In Music' - May 16, 2010

Ex-ATTACKER Singer: Bidding 'A Respectful Farewell To Our Fallen Father Of Heavy Metal' - May 16, 2010

JUDAS PRIEST On DIO's Passing: 'RONNIE Was A Wonderful Man And Will Be Sorely Missed' - May 16, 2010

SLASH: RONNIE JAMES DIO's Music 'Will Live For Eternity' - May 16, 2010

Ex-METAL CHURCH Frontman: DIO 'Is The Inspiration For Myself And Millions Of Other Singers' - May 16, 2010

OBITUARY Guitarist: There's Not A Person In Metal Today That Doesn't Owe Something To DIO - May 16, 2010

ANTHRAX Guitarist SCOTT IAN: RONNIE JAMES DIO 'Always Had A Kind Word And A Smile' - May 16, 2010

DAVID COVERDALE 'Very Sad' To Hear Of DIO's Passing - May 16, 2010

WHITE WIZZARD On DIO: 'The Earth Lost A Very Important Soul Today' - May 16, 2010

LION'S SHARE On DIO's Passing: 'Our Mentor And Friend Has Left Us' - May 16, 2010

WARRIOR SOUL Bassist: DIO Was 'The Nicest And Warmest Human Being I Met In The Music Business' - May 16, 2010

THE QUIREBOYS On DIO: 'He Will Be Sadly Missed, But His Voice Shall Live On' - May 16, 2010

LACUNA COIL's ANDREA FERRO: DIO's Voice Was 'Amazing And Magic' - May 16, 2010

RAVAGE Frontman: 'The Metal World Will Never Be The Same' - May 16, 2010

MEGADETH Drummer: DIO Was 'One Of The Nicest Human Beings I Have Ever Met' - May 16, 2010

SEBASTIAN BACH: 'Crying Right Now In Remembrance Of My Hero And Friend' - May 16, 2010

Ex-JUDAS PRIEST Singer AL ATKINS: 'The World Lost One Of The Greatest Vocalists On The Planet' - May 16, 2010

REDEMPTION Guitarist: 'The World Of Heavy Metal Has Lost Its Voice' - May 16, 2010

GLENN HUGHES: DIO 'Was A True Leader Of Heavy Metal... An Icon And A Visionary' - May 16, 2010

More headlines

Ex-THERION Singer MATS LEVÉN: 'Our Hero Is Gone But His Voice And Music Will Live Forever' - May 17, 2010

Ex-Manowar founder and guitarrist ROSS THE BOSS:- May 17, 2010

"A quick message from Ross who, knew Ronnie James Dio, and credits him with having started Manowar by introducing him to Joey:

First my deepest sympathies to Wendy and his family , He was always the sweetest person you could ever want to meet ! Surely one of the greatest singers of all time ! We will always remember Ronnie James Dio RIP."

OPETH Frontman On RONNIE JAMES DIO's Passing: 'There Is A Massive Hole In My Heart' - May 17, 2010

ARCH ENEMY: 'We Mourn The Loss Of One Of The Most Amazing Talents' In Heavy Metal - May 17, 2010

QUEEN Guitarist Brian May: RONNIE JAMES DIO 'Was One Of The Creators Of The Genre Of Heavy Metal' - May 17, 2010

OBITUARY Frontman: DIO 'was One Of The Good Guys In Music And Will Be Greatly Missed' - May 17, 2010

TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS: 'We Have Lost A Great Human Being And The Best Singer Of Rock In The World' - May 17, 2010

SLIPKNOT's COREY TAYLOR: DIO Was One Of The Strongest And Most Consistent Singers Of All Time - May 17, 2010

SLAYER's KERRY KING: DIO Was 'One Of The Nicest Guys In The Business, without a doubt. He will be hugely missed."' - May 17, 2010

DUFF MCKAGAN On DIO: 'Us Rockers Owe A Bit Of Reverence To This Great Man' - May 17, 2010

STEVE VAI: DIO 'Was A Shining Light Of Rock/Metal Authenticity' - May 17, 2010

RUDY SARZO On DIO's Passing: 'I'm Saddened Beyond Words' - May 17, 2010

GUS G.: DIO's 'Music Will Continue To Inspire And His Legacy Will Live On Forever' - May 17, 2010

MATT HEAFY, TRIVIUM Frontman: 'I've been able to meet many heroes of mine in my life, but few have made impression on me like Ronnie James' - May 17, 2010

Ex-TNT Singer TONY HARNELL: DIO 'And His Voice And Music Will Carry On' - May 17, 2010

HENRY ROLLINS On RONNIE JAMES DIO: 'What A Voice, What A Loss' - May 17, 2010

FALCONER Guitarist Pays Tribute To RONNIE JAMES DIO: 'no other artist's passing could have affected me in the way as his did' - May 17, 2010

ANTHRAX Singer JOEY BELLADONNA: DIO 'was A Big Inspiration, Influence And Dear Friend Of Mine' - May 17, 2010

LIZZY BORDEN: RONNIE JAMES DIO 'Was A Master Of His Trade, A True Original' - May 17, 2010

KING DIAMOND: RONNIE JAMES DIO 'Will Forever Have His Music Playing In My Home' - May 17, 2010

ONSLAUGHT Guitarist: RONNIE JAMES DIO's 'Name And His Incredible Work Will Live Forever' - May 17, 2010

ARMORED SAINT Bassist: DIO's Name Shall Be Part Of The Very Definition Of The Term Heavy Metal - May 17, 2010

SOLITUDE AETURNUS Guitarist: DIO Was 'A True Professional And A Model Human Being' - May 17, 2010

Ex-DIO and SRATOVARIUS Keyboardist JOHANSSON: RONNIE's Voice Was Like A Tank; I Never Heard Him Have A Bad Day - May 17, 2010